Re-Associate Server with Master Server in Multiserver Setup

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by atjensen11, Oct 1, 2012.

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    I followed the multiserver setup How To for Debian.

    I have a mail server within the setup that is partially not working. It performs most tasks as needed, but it will not create new email domains. I have tried resolving the issue the last couple of weeks through the help of this forum.

    Is there a way I can simply re-associate the mail server with the main server in the setup?

    What would happen if I uninstall ISPConfig from the mail server and then reinstalled? Would I have to recreate the email domains and mailboxes through the ISPConfig administration panel on the main server or would the data in the database get mirror onto the server once reinstalled?

    I am about at the point where I need to stand up a new mail server to fix this problem.
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    You would have to delete all meail domains and accounts first and then recreate them on the new server. So thats not a real option.

    You might want to consider to contact our ispconfig support instead as such a problem can always be fixed without a reinstall.
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    [SOLVED] Re-Associate Server with Master Server in Multiserver Setup

    I decided to stand up a brand new email server and add it to the multiserver setup. After going through this effort, I repeated my test step and was disappointed to see the new server behaved just like the old server. I began to suspect a problem with the master server in the setup.

    I decided to step through the ISPConfig code. I noticed that the script calls the mail module. The mail module raises an event which is included in the mail plugin. Upon searching the mail plugin, I could not find any function that creates the mail domain directory. Instead, I noticed that the function which creates the user mailbox does a check to see if the mail domain directory exists. If the mail domain directory doesn't exist, the user mailbox function creates it.

    Therefore, I concluded that the test I was performing to see if the server was working correctly was flawed. I simply needed to create a mailbox within the new email domain in order for the mail domain directory to be created.

    I elected to delete all the email domains and mailboxes and then recreate them on the new server I stood up. I then moved all the email data from the old server to the new server. I only wish I would have searched through the ISPConfig code prior to deleting the email domains from the master server. I was committed at that point and had to finish the transition to the new server.

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