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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bccisp01, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. bccisp01

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    Hey guys,

    How are ya'll today? I have a weird problem going on, I got the ISPConfig installed fine on a P4 2 ghz with 384 mb of memory 120 gb hd nic is 10/100 and a few other cool things. The box has Fedora Core 4 updated to latest and greatest of everything.

    I installed the phpmyadmin and the Webmail package, But I put my content manager PHPwcms in the main directory /var/www/html, so far so good but when I pull up my site <- Please take a look. I get all the php code instead of the graphical website take a look anyone got any ideas on this.

    I am little miffed since the ISPConfig and phpmyadmin and Webmail seem to be fine and working as expected. I uled my site via WinScp directly to the /var/www/html and made sure all the correct permissions were on all directories involved, but php does not seem to be working for my main site.

    Thanks in advance,
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  2. toyito

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    Did you check PHP Scripts: box in the basis/isp site???

  3. bccisp01

    bccisp01 New Member

    Re: Weird PHP Thing

    Okay hold on a sec what do you mean by basis/isp site? And where do I find it. I am not that familiar with it yet but I am trying to learn very quick.

  4. toyito

    toyito New Member

    OK go to ispconfig admin,click on ISPManager, then locate your site ( maybe inside SITES, expand) click on your site and look for the PHP Scripts: box at your rigth panel ( basis panel )

  5. bccisp01

    bccisp01 New Member

    Re: Wierd PHP thing

    There in lies the problem I haven't got any sites under the sites folder so lemme try and create that then I will look for that.

  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    I think you're talking about your main web site in /var/www/html that was there before you installed ISPConfig.

    The ISPConfig installer disables PHP globally and enables it on a per site-basis; that's why PHP doesn't work for your main site anymore. If the installer didn't disable PHP globally, then PHP would always work for every web site you create in ISPConfig, no matter if you enable or disable PHP for that web site in the ISPConfig web interface.

    I'd recommend that you create a web site in ISPconfig, enable PHP for that web site and then move all your files/scripts from your main web site to the new web site!
  7. beatty_t

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    Getting things straight


    I bought the domains "" and "". I followed the Fedora 5 perfect setup on my machine, but did it with my 32 bit version... The name for this machine is ISPConfig was setup using this name as well. I created 2 sites within ISPConfig and I've got an email address setup and working as [email protected] - side note - Rogers sucks as they block smtp traffic.

    I've found that php is disabled in the site, but works in I think this thread has answered why that is... Now... For some reason (I think it maybe due to "globals" settings) I can't seem to get any pages that use $HTTP_GET_VARS['somevalue'] or $HTTP_POST_VARS['someothervalue'] to work. I've tried switching everything over to $_GET['somevalue'] and $_POST['someothervalue'], but something like

    echo "Blah Blah";

    and the URL is "somepage.php?something=1"... it won't display Blah Blah for me...

    Any suggestions?
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  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Does it display anything when you put
    into your PHP script? Which PHP version do you use?

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