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Discussion in 'General' started by Felipe, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Felipe

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    I was using the IPSConfig -> Site manager, specially in email part and I deleted one email and when I tried to create that email again and the ISPConfig can´t allow to create that email because its showing that email already exists. When I look at mysql, in del_status table the email name is there. My question is what I need to do to recreate this email with an "existing" name. What file and table I need to edit?

    Thanks to all.

    Felipe Rocha
  2. till

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    You do not need to edit any files or tables.

    ISPConfig has a recycle bin (like Windows, KDE, Gnome, MacOS or any other modern operating system or interface) and as long as an item is in the recycle bin, you can not create a new item with the same specification, e.g username or domain.


    Click on the recycle bin item of the reseller to which the website of the user belongs and click on empty recycle bin.
  3. Felipe

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    Uau :)

    till, thanks a lot.... very fast your post....

    Ok.. Everything is working again...
  4. Felipe

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    Neither everything is so good...

    I followed the procedure that till was described and still existing in mysql table del_status one line.... even after the recover.
    The interesting thing is because the line that exists in del_status it is an active domain, I can edit in site option, but it still in del_status table. Is it a thing that I need to take care about it or I can live without concern with it?

    Tks 4 all.


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