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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by retran, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. retran

    retran New Member

    Is there in existence a script that would create the ISPConfig database based on information still on a server? For instance gleaning what can be gleaned from the apache conf file, existing files & directories from a previous ISPConfig installation (where the database is no longer available).

    Maybe a little backround to my issue, I had a failed ISPConfig upgrade occur some time ago in such a way that my database was gone and through some attempts realized it was gone for good because at the time the ISPConfig upgrade process created the backup database on the Temp device, and that device happend to be full at the time on my server, and the upgrade process continued on anyway even though the backup failed, the next part of the upgrade process being to wipe out the old database in preperation for the new one, to be repopulated with the old data in the revised schema through some script within the upgrade process. I notice this small issue has been resolved through the latest bugfix.

    My server has been functioning fine serving web pages, ftp, and email based on how they were last configured before the ISPConfig database was lost. But alas the time has come where I want to create more websites, manage email users and ftp accounts through a nice web-based interface once again.

    My thinking is perhaps a script of some sort (if in existence) could create at least a shell of an ISPConfig setup by parsing info from the ISPConfig generated apache conf file, this way the websites are at least recognized and then alterable in the ISPConfig panel (even if they were under some single ISPConfig user). Or maybe its not worth any of the effort in this direction and I should just go about recreating my 100 website accounts manually through looking at the apache.conf file by eye? If anyone has any suggestion or know of previous similar attempts it would be appreciated.
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  2. till

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    I dont think that such a script exists yet.
  3. retran

    retran New Member

    Could I be pointed in a direction of where documentation is to properly manipulate the ISPConfig database for the current version... as in using the schema (wich I think I already have)?

    I just would need to know how to properly add in website entries, and the ftp usernames to the database to avoid alot of trial & error nonsense. Parsing big ugly apache files and ftp config files I can figure on doing. Just need to know how to apply that info to the database. This is my thinking right now anyway.

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