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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by anoshi, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. anoshi

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    Starting to get very frustrated with the following error message:
    You have left only 0 domain(s) which you can assign to this website.
    When I try to add a site to a new client, this error occurs. Sometimes I can delete the client and empty the recycle bin (please remove this "recycle bin" in future versions of ispconfig, when I delete things in linux I expect them to stay that way...) and then I can recreate the client and can add sites to the client, but never on the first try anymore.

    Here's the reseller status:
    Sites used: 4 of 25
    Diskspace used: 1200 MB of 40000 MB
    Users used: 3 of 250
    Domains used: 7 of 25
    Master Zones created: 3 of 25
    Slave Zones created: 1 of 25
    Databases created: 0 of 50

    1) Each site is assigned to its own client
    2) Each site has only one domain associated with it.

    = 4 clients of reseller, 4 sites, 4 domains.

    1) Where is the 7 domains (extra three) coming from?
    2) If I should have a total of 25 domains available, and 7 reported to be used, what does "You have left only 0 domain(s)" mean?

    Whether I log in as the reseller, the client, or the admin I am met with this error. Databases have been checked, repaired, etc, always reporting as OK.

    (Centos 4.3 build on x86_64, followed howtoforge install of o/s and ispconfig build).
  2. anoshi

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    OK, I've answered question 1 re: 7 domains for 4 sites.

    The "co-domains" count as domains as well (one of the sites had no co-domain associated with it, I probably deleted it before finding out about the below paragraph's info).

    My understanding is that co-domains are setup at site creation time as I've read in another thread the way you make the account creates a domain known as (only place I've ever heard of this happening) and then create a co-domain of

    So, I've realised that I will need to remember to create accounts with at least twice as many "domains" as "sites", but the problem of this "You have left only 0 domain(s)" continues.
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  3. anoshi

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    workaround (which sucks, but is a workaround)....

    Performed all below tasks logged in as admin
    1) Created a new client under admin login, called "Test"
    2) Created a new site under that client, called "Test Site"
    3) Moved client "Test" to desired reseller, clients folder
    4) Moved site "Test Site" to desired reseller, sites folder
    4) Deleted old client from reseller
    5) Emptied reseller's recycle bin................
    6) Renamed "Test" client to desired client name and updated contact info
    7) Renamed "Test Site" to desired site name and updated settings.

    Fortunately, I am the affected reseller, because having to create accounts like this for resellers would be a right pain for both the server admin and the affected reseller.

    The auto increment on client/reseller fields is painful too, because with each failed attempt to create this client and site, the counter has gone up, throwing my client count right off track (i.e. I have a black hole of about 20 client ID's now..).
  4. falko

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    That's right. Anything else doesn't make sense because you can assign only one main domain to a web site.

    That's true.
  5. anoshi

    anoshi New Member

    with more experience with the interface, I think I have an answer for my 2nd question from yesterday as well:

    I think ISPConfig is subtracting from the total domains available for assignment for the reseller the number of domains the hostingplan is assigned. While this figure is not shown in the main reseller login view, this actually makes sense to me now (I just have to keep a few numbers in my head) ;-)

    1) admin creates a reseller, allows reseller 50 domains, total.
    2) reseller creates a hosting plan that provides the client a maximum of 40 domains.
    3) reseller cannot create another client with more than 10 domains allocated, as this will take them over the 50 domains admin user allocated reseller in the first place - even though the domains are not physically in use yet.
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That's right. :)

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