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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by yahooadam, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. yahooadam

    yahooadam New Member

    Hey all

    I set up a webserver using ISPConfig using the guide here quite a long time ago (some years I'm guessing)

    Well I've run into a problem (funny this must be like the first)

    I cant use Yum any more, it looks like has died in the years since, and now i cant fix yum at all

    Does anyone know what to do to get it working again (without re-installing the os, currently I'm quite a long way away from the computer so i only have SSH access)

    Thanks for any support on this

    Oh yeah, the base issue i was really having, i cant access the ispconfig page on port 81 any more ..... i don't understand why not
  2. yahooadam

    yahooadam New Member

    Looks like it was a temporary downage

    Seems to be working now, also, on the ISPConfig front, i think it may have been broken due to some update, trying to re-install it again

    I didn't realise ISPConfig just ran alongside the main webserver, i thought it was integral

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