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  1. rajbps

    rajbps Member

    Hi Team,
    I have installed the latest version of ispconfig on centos 7.
    When I go to : , i get the apache testing 123 page but when I change it to , I get the login prompt.
    Is there a way to redirect every traffic going to to
    Also if I go to, I get welcome to you website page, how can I change that to another page please?
    can anyone advise.
  2. rajbps

    rajbps Member

    Hi team,

    Anyone has any ideas on this one please?

  3. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Is your ip address (ie. of used exclusively for the ispconfig control panel, or are you also hosting websites on it (ie. a shared hosting addr)?

    If it's exclusively for ispconfig, just use the default port 443 and everything is simpler.

    If it's also for shared hosting, you'd probably have to create a namevirtualhost for on port 443, and issue the redirect in that - I can't answer better without setting that up and testing.

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