reinstall debian 7

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  1. tifadhuda

    tifadhuda New Member

    please how to reinstall debian 7 thru ssh !
    thanks in advance

    need commands...
  2. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    By booting into a temporarily booted system or while on the actuall system you want to "reinstall"? What's the issue why you would want/need to do it?
    Unfortunally it is in german but the commands are within the right order - don't forget to backup. Depending on what you plan / need to do some other tasks might be needed to prepare first like disk partitioning / formatting / mounting target system root to /target
  3. tifadhuda

    tifadhuda New Member

    i want to resolve this issue
    500 Internal Privoxy Error
    Privoxy encountered an error while processing your request:

    Could not load template file no-such-domain or one of its included components.

    Please contact your proxy administrator.

    If you are the proxy administrator, please put the required file(s)in the (confdir)/templates directory. The location of the (confdir) directory is specified in the main Privoxy config file. (It's typically the Privoxy install directory).
  4. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Did you check
    What is your logfile /var/log/privoxy/logfile maybe telling you? Just because of a probably misconfigured package I wouldn't reinstall OS, that probably won't solve the issue here.

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