Reinstalled FC4 and grub disappears.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by slopoke_iii, Jun 23, 2006.

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    Hi, i was dual booting win 2000 pro and Fc4 . A snafu with FC4 caused me to reinstall FC4 and i got a partitioning error on the install and had to reboot. Grub wouldn't run so i had to use the install discs for win 2000 to fix master boot record. all accomplished fine. Reinstalled FC4 and it finished but on reboot no grub loader. win 2000 always boots straight up. What do i need to do to get grub up and running again ?

    Thanks slopoke_iii
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    fdisk and GRUB


    If you made a boot disk during fc4 installation, then try booting from this, otherwise boot from fc4 disk 1 and go into rescue mode.

    Once booted up into linux you can use fdisk to correct and write your boot records.

    Then re-setup grub (/etc/grub.conf). Make sure you have everything setup correctly for grub (man page). and you re-write the mbr correctly.

    TAKE NOTE writing the mbr incorrectly can cause your system to stop booting altogether.

    Hope this helps...


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