Relay issues (Again)

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by TinkerAllison, Apr 2, 2007.

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    I thought that I had my relay server working, but all that it did was queue the messages. I get a message in the log that says that the connection to my relay host timed out. I thought that it was probably a port issue. I'm not sure that ATT will allow me to send on port 25, so I changed the port to 2525 in the relayhost line reads relayhost = Now I'm back to getting a message that says that I need to authenticate to the relay server. I have deleted the sasl_passwd.db file and ran portmap hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd to recreate the db file. I'm still getting the 550 error on all outbound messages. Any suggestions on what to look at next? :confused:
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    Yes to the first question and not to the second.

    I used the tutorial, however it does not address the port issue. I have found post that say that the port should be added after the domain in the ie. 'relayhost =' and I have found post that say the port should be added in the sasl_passwd file. the first makes more sence to me, but the error messages are the same either way. without the port (in either file) I get a time out, with the port (again in either file) I get a failure to auth message.

    I have not asked ATT about port 25, however I think that I should be able to change the port wether I need to or not. I'm being hard headed, but I need to learn how to do this and the server is not critical at this point.

    Falko, I really appriciate your help and patients on this.

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    Have you tried to append the port in both files at the same time?

    You really should ask them if and which ports they block.
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    Just one of those things

    Falko, again I would like to thank you for your patience on this. I know that I have asked a lot of question trying to figure out the best way to set this server up.

    Last night I started from scratch and reloaded the server. almost everything seams to be working fine. I have a spam problem now that I did not have be for so I'll need to review the line by line to find my type-o. The strange thing is that when I compare my old to the current file, they are identical. And now I am sending mail out with out the relayhost. Not sure why. The only thing that i can figure is that I did something wrong in the initial load.

    (Should I post this in the ISPConfig forum?) Moving on, in this load I got an error when I loaded proftp and went on with the install thinking that I would go back to it before I installed ISPConfig. But I forgot. The ISPConfgi install went fine and it asked which ftp server to use and I selected proftp. The ftp server is installed and running, however ISPConfig does not recognise it. Is there an easy way to fix this, or do I need to uninstall ISPConfig and reinstall it?

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    ProFTPD issue resolved

    I found a post that helped me resolve the ProFTPD issue and everything is working fine now.

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