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    Hello community,
    today i had to study for an it-exam and whats better than coding something :p
    then i acctually had an idea what would be useful for me to use, a monitoring tool for my server. Well now a couple hours later im done and it works nicely :D

    what does it do ?
    basically its the service monitor that ispconfig 3 has, it checks for all the necessary services on the server and tells you wether it is online, offline, if an error occured, etc
    and then it pings the server
    then it repeats this for a time that can be chosen


    What to do:
    - ping graph
    - acctual ping, right now its only working for servers running an http-service on port 80, and its a little inaccurate
    - ping background also grey if disabled .. or just removing something from the gui when its disabled ?
    - service -- port configuration
    - remove first refresh after changing host bug
    - dual screen issue
    - should the time rather be in seconds instead of milliseconds ?
    - any feature you want, just post them, maybe checking the log files?

    Have fun,
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