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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by freeline, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. freeline

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    I added some functions to the remote api to get entries not only by id but by name (I needed to check if an entry exists). I also fixed the following issues with the remote api:
    • maildomain creation not possible (there was a check against $_POST['id'])
    • add mail forwards to more than one address (separated by comma)
    See attached patch (had to rename to txt)


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  2. till

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    The current *_get(....) functions allow all items to be queried by name or any other field, so there are no new functions required as they just duplicate the existing functionality. Just use the syntax:

    ....._get($session_id,array('fieldname' => $value));

    Thank yu for the fix of the api bug!
  3. freeline

    freeline New Member

    Thanks, didn't see that. Perhaps the examples could be updated to reflect that possibility.

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