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    Hi! I have some questions regarding the remoting api:

    I have a multiserver setup with ns1 and ns2. ns2 is on a different ip than ns1, and is a mirror of ns1.

    Now I want to add a client via the remote api with default dnsserver = ns1, and default secondary dnsserver = ns2. However I don't find a parameter for the default secondary dnsserver. In the client_add api example there is only a "default_dnsserver", but no "default_secondary_dnsserver" or something similar.

    Is there a way to set the secondary dnsserver via remote-api?

    If I want to delete a client, and his websites, mail, db etc, should I use client_delete or client_delete_everything? What does client_delete_everything delete in addition to client_delete?

    I want to use the new client settings "locked" and "canceled" to suspend a client. When I edit those settings over the ISPConfig interface, they work as planned. However, when I edit them through the remote "client_update" function, they don't have any effect. They get set as expected, but they dont actually lock the user/disable the webs.
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    Hi Till!

    Question 3 is the most important for me atm. Any idea on this?
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    1) The parameter is named "default_slave_dnsserver".
    2) The client_delete deletes the client only, this requires that the website etc. has been deleted already while the other functions removes a client with all the asstes he wons like websites dns records, mail domains etc.
    3) It might be that these functions are not available over the api yet. I will make a bugtracker item to check that.

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