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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by 010101, Mar 8, 2011.

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    I'm trying to setup backuppc on a debian 5 server where I have just installed ISPconfig 3 following a tutorial here

    I tried installing backuppc but I want to start fresh, totally remove it and install it following another guide from (

    I have done:
    apt-get remove backuppc
    apt-get purge backuppc
    locate backuppc > this still shows hundreds of results like the following ones
    when I try again to install backuppc I don't get the blue setup screens as I got the first time, I suppose it's due to some configuration file being still there.

    How could I remove everything related to backuppc and start with a fresh install?

    thank you :)
  2. Rudika79

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    The "apt-get purge backuppc" command need to be delete every files which belong to backuppc program. Maybe remove script is broken.

    Install first with apt-get and after run debconf command to get configuration screen.

    To get back the blue configuration screen you can use:
    debconf backuppc
  3. 010101

    010101 New Member

    thank you

    with broken you mean the remove script of backuppc or the remove option of apt-get? I guess the first one, apt-get seems to be working as expected.

    I'll try reinstalling it as you suggested

    any idea how to safely remove all those files ( avoiding manually removing them one per time... )
  4. Rudika79

    Rudika79 New Member

    I meant remove script is broken. Maybe you can ask at debian forum for this problem. I tried remove couple package of my debian install and I didn't have any problem (didn't try with backuppc!).

    You don't need to remove one program from debian if you want to reconfigure. Most of configuration file you can find in /etc directory. Every program putting there the configuration files. Maybe for backuppc is /etc/backuppc directory. And if you don't want to mess with manually edit config files then you have debconf program to run package configuration script which running during first install.

  5. 010101

    010101 New Member

    solved adding

    Allow from all

    at the end of /etc/backuppc

    now I can access backuppc using the username and password that were assigned during the setup

    I still don't know how to remove those files for which I opened this thread, but the important thing is fixed

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