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Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by provell, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. provell

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    Hy everyone,

    I have bougt a dell PE860 and was unable to use the normal debian/sarge setup.
    So I downloaded the "sarge-custom-0801.iso - kernel 2.6.16" from
    This had the correct driver for my harddiskcontroler.

    The problem is that it is not running verry stable.
    So I wanted to upgrade to debian/ETCH and also the latest kernel 2.6.18.

    I am able to upgrade to ETCH but the kernel stays the same.:eek:
    Even when I say to install the latest kernel, it says it is already the latest version.

    When I do "uname -a" the old 2.6.16 version shows up again.:confused:

    Is there a file to edit to tell the system it should upgrade?

    Rgds Edo
  2. provell

    provell New Member


    Ok, sorry!
    It seems that you need to reboot into the kernel.
    This normaly only happens with windows boxes and I
    was not expecting it on debian.

    Learned my lesson.:D :D

    Rgds Edo
  3. martinfst

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    The only thing you need rebooting for on Linix is after upgrading the kernel. You can prepare everything, but the kernel is loaded during the boot to initialize the hardware. So yeah, even Linux needs a reboot sometimes. However the need to upgrade a Linux kernel is a lot less compared to the other well known OS from Redmond. Upgrading your regular software can be done on the fly. Restart the services and up you go.

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