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Discussion in 'General' started by mphayesuk, Oct 3, 2005.

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    Hi guys.. just a thought I had... lets say I have my ISPConfig server running and then decide to put another ISPConfig server in place that will replace the old one, is there anyway to copy all the data from one ISPConfig server to another.

    i.e. I start hosting for many customers and then out grow the current server how do I move everything to a new one.

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  3. mphayesuk

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    Ok that could work but how will suse9.3 react to different hard drives with more space and the different hardware, like going from a pentium III system to a 64bit AMD chip ect.....

    My experience of this has not been good, last week all I wanted to do was put in a new graphics card and I ended up re-installing the whole system because no matter what I did the display would not work.

  4. falko

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    That depends on what drivers your kernel has compiled in. If you're not going to use exotic hardware there shouldn't be problems, and I've never encountered problems with different hard disks. But I wouldn't change the processor architecture, e.g. from 32bit to 64 bit! :eek:
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    So what your saying is that there is no way to copy over the data from one server with ISPConfig on to another server if I go from 32bit to 64bit.

    So if that is the case I would have to migrate the data over manually and create new user profiles which will reset all user passwords.

    What I am going to do is give this hosting a go with the servers I have available and if I get enough interest I will buy new hardware and put more resources into it, but if I cant copy over the data I will have to put some thought behind how I can put the accounts over ect... manually.

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    I'd love to be able to do this. I've just finished setting up an old Dell PowerEdge dual PII-266 with SCSI everything, with sarge, from Falko's excellent how to. Just finished installing ispconfig, so it's nice and clean. Just in the process of getting the mysql databases over to the Dell.

    The old server is an uniprocessor IDE desktop, which is about to die. I really need to move my full ISPConfig, web and email fileset over. When the database is backed up, how can that backup be used to restore things? Surely that is the way to do it?

    If it's a case of copying over the various files / folders, which need to be carried over? Not too worried about ssl certificates, but user mail accounts and thanks to having several php projects in development, the web folder structure in /home/, too. I'll change my coding practices after this, but for now I have enough on my plate.

    This would be so helpful that I can't even begin to explain.

    Best regards,

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