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    Not sure if Im putting this thread in the correct area or not but....

    My question is, and its hypothetical at this point: If you have a reseller account and say for example he has 10 clients. If the reseller decides he doesnt want to do it anymore, then obviously the 10 clients will become clients of the hosting company. But what needs to be configure, if anything, to bring those clients out from under the reseller account and brought back up to the master level client list??


    ISPConfig Master Company
    ------Reseller Account
    ------------| Client 1
    ------------| Client 2
    ------------| Client 3

    and move them to this:

    ISPConfig Master Company
    ------Reseller Account (now Disabled)
    | Client 1
    | Client 2
    | Client 3

    Currently I dont see any option to move them to the top level client list. Is this gonna be more of a database hack to move them, or will there be a feature in v3.1 in October that will allow the moving of a client from a reseller acount to the master company client list or move them from one reseller to another reseller??

    Again just a hypothetical question at this point, but is something that could happen.

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  2. till

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    An option for this has been added in master branch and will be part of the next major release (3.1).
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    Looking forward to that, Till.
    EDIT: Sorry, as soon as I 'got off the phone' I realized I was editing the wrong ispconfig database. <go_figure> = moronCoding('idiot');
    FYI: I saw the solution of changing the limit_client setting > 0 in the client table when a Reseller got bumped down to client status (in my case, when I added a template with a client setting of 0 [on]). But that never solved it for me, even after logging out/in, rebooting, restarting....
    Maybe that's due to my multi-server setup?
    ETA on 3.1? I see you are 98% done (as of today) and there is one minor update ( available today. Is 'p9' a requirement before 3.1, or will the major release be more of a hard update (as in rebuilding all the servers)? If so, it seems more advantageous to wait for 3.1.
    Thanks for ISPConfig!
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  4. till

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    Please see release notes for 3.1 beta:

    You can install 3.1 directly or as an update to 3.0.5*, both ways are equal, so there is no reason to wait with an installation for 3.1 final (except that you use Ubuntu 16.04 which requires at least ISPConfig 3.1 beta.
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    Thank you! :)

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