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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by anark10n, Aug 26, 2022.

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    So, i backed up all relevant server directories, /var/www/, /var/vmail/, and /etc, and made a dump of my entire database. The directories I pretty much understand how to restore, but when do I restore the databases? Do i still go through the entire perfect server setup (debian) and restore the different databases afterwards, or do I restore the different databases after the mariadb installation and point the different services to the relevant databases?
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    Restore where?
    Did you get a new server and want to move all the data from old server to the new? Or what?
    There is ISPConfig migration toolkit if you want to move your ISPConfig setup to a new server. https://www.ispconfig.org/add-ons/ . Using that is less hassle, unless you can create all user accounts, databases and websites manually on the new host.
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    I had to recreate my server because it was the only way for my provider to increase the server specs, so my thinking was to restore the mysql dump once I installed everything. I in any case re-did everything manually in the end, which also gave me a chance to restructure everything better anyway. Thanks for the tip on the migration tool.

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