roll back from 3.1.1 pl1?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Tastiger, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Tastiger

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    I was having a bad day and I installed 3.1.1 pl1 on my Ubuntu 14.04 perfect server which is of course Apache only afterwards did I notice that Apache didn't need it.

    My email has stopped working, as far as I can see all mailboxes are working there is just no mail coming in and the only thing that has changed is that update. Everything else is fine and dandy.

    I'm hoping a roll back may resolve the issue but I can't find any instructions on how to do so.

    Help Please!
    PS: I also installed haveged not sure if that would make a difference to my configuration
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  2. till

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    The backup that is taken before update is in /var/backup, just unpack the archives and copy their contenst over the /usr/local/ispconfig and /etc directories. Then replace the content of the dbispconfig database wth the content of the sql dump of the backup.
  3. Tastiger

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    Many thanks for the answer, it will be handy in future.
    I can confirm that it was either ISPConfig 3.1.1 pl1 or haveged that broke the email as I bit the bullet and did a system restore from a backup done in August last year and the applied all updates and all is working fine.

    So I am a bit hesitant about updating to ISPConfig 3.1.1 pl1 again.

    Hopefully this thread will be a point of reference for someone in the future.
  4. till

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    I had no problems with updates to ISPConfig 3.1 yet and as long as you do not use a customized setup then there are no problems to be expected. If a problem in the mail setup occurs, then this can normally be fixed easily. But you will have to post the error messages that you get when we shall be able to help you.

    Or you ask Florian from ISPConfig business support to do the update for you if you don't like to do it yourself.
  5. Tastiger

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    quick question before I try again - when you say you have had no issues so far are you running 3.1.1 pl1?
  6. Tastiger

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    Just a quick update on this as it may help someone else.
    After trying again with ISPConfig 3.1.2 I have come to the conclusion that my problems stem from me having hardened my postfix using the tutorial @ as that is the only modifications I have on the system.
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