rollerd does not seems to work

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    I am trying to setup a DNSSEC-server with BIND 9.8.1.
    I followed the tutorial at
    Everything seems to work except the rollerd program to renew the RRSIG posts.
    I have created a /etc/bind/all.rollrec file with a test domain, with 30 days expire. When the 30 days had gone, nothing happend. The rollerd daemon is running.
    ps aux | grep rollerd 
    root     41510  0.0  0.0  71464 18236 ?        Ss   13:50   0:00 /usr/bin/perl /usr/sbin/rollerd -rrfile /etc/bind/all.rollrec -directory /etc/bind -pidfile /var/run/named/
    I solved it by running the following command:
    zonesigner -zone /etc/bind/zones-pri/
    I can not find anything in syslog and I do not find any other logs. How can I troubleshoot this further?
  2. fl0pp

    fl0pp New Member

    Anyone have the same problem?

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