Round Robbin

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by lrider, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. lrider

    lrider Member

    I have 2 computers running ispconfig.
    Each of them have 2 ethernet connections.
    Each of the connections is for a diferent internet provider.
    It would be very helpfull if the dns records created by ispconfig could consider a "round-robbin" configuration.
    This would give an extra extrength to the server in case one of the providers have a problem.
  2. martinfst

    martinfst ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    It doesn't. 50% of the people visiting your site will not get a connection anyway. Round-robin not automatically scwitches to an alternate IP address. There are plenty discussions on the Internet, describing how you could setup a failover environment. Having two providers and thus two routes is IMHO not a good idea.

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