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    I would like to ask about adding plugins to roundcube on ISPConfig, this setup is running on a *buntu 14.04 based server and roundcube is installed by apt.

    I've tried to install it as a normal php plugin but everytime that i try to enable it on the plugin array on
    /etc/roundcube/ along with

    • jqueryui
    • ispconfig3_account
    • ispconfig3_autoreply
    • ispconfig3_pass
    • ispconfig3_spam
    • ispconfig3_fetchmail
    • ispconfig3_filter
    I get a 500 error, then if tried to reload it a database error connection.
    I guess it is 'cause the plugin tries to make room on the database so it can store the contacts info of the users.
    Would this be a good or bad approach, has anyone tried this before?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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