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    Please help, I followed the RoundCube installation how to: "How To Install RoundCube 0.7 For ISPConfig 3 On Debian Squeeze", installed 8.5, but now am stuck.

    I got through the whole guide satisfactorily, database created and initialized, made roundcube.conf, tweaked, and restarted apache2.

    I browsed to an existing website email account and got redirected to server:8080, which gave me the roundcube skin but with an error message.

    Of course that file is where it's suppose to be /var/www/webmail/config/ .

    Thank you in advance.:confused:

    JESUSSAVES New Member

    problem solved


    Apparently I didn't get into insert mode in vi before inserting the content into, it ignored the content until it got to the first i, which means no opening php tag. Oops, at least I figured it out.:eek:

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