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    Hi all,

    I sucessfully (I think) installed Roundcube using the update feature, but now do I have to config each user to make it available? The documentation says to login to the pathname, what should the login be? ?

    Do I need to make DNS entries, config individual sites/users, nice package, how do I use it once it's installed?

    Thanks for the help,
    San Diego
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    If your ISPCOnfig admin interface is located at then you will find roundcube at

    There is also a link in under the Tools menu if you are logged in to ISPC.

    You do not have to configure each user. Just login with the e-mail address and password. Roundcubemail will check the virtusertable to match the mailaddress to a login (webXX_usename).

    One cosmetic thing you must do on a per user basis is to go to Personal Settings -> Identities and configure a better looking identity. The default one will be [email protected] whereas you probably want [email protected]. Both will work but not look good. The displayname is also the webXX_user login name and you probably want that to be Firstname Lastname.

    Now, if you want to make it somewhat fancy for your customers you can add a redirect in ISPConfig. Click on co-domains, click New. Add host Click redirect and redirect it to Now your customer can access it with a nice URL.
    This of course requires a DNS entry for

    Remember that roundcubemail is still in beta...


    PS. One thing that really had me confused with roundcube is that to view a mail you need to double click on it! Not a single click as in all other webmail clients. Took me a while to figure that one out. Did feel kind of stupid there for a while :)
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