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    I am losing faith in this I installed as an alternative to plesk but there is seemingly no round cube plugin that works I would like to have round cube available for each "Client" login so they or we can install for their email on their domain.

    I have tried manual install

    which is not really that helpful, I have installed it manually but to no avail and I want each user / domain to have there own round cube

    I've added this as a repository but no luck...

    and the package install

    I have manually installed round cube many times but on this multiple user system it's not so obvious....
  2. till

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    Roundcube is installed on any ISPConfig server by default when you followed the official installation guides and accessible for each client. So there is simply no need for any RoundCube package and that's why it does not exist. It might be that plesk is quite limited in this regard so that you need an additional package for RoundCube and that's why you search for something like that, but ISPConfig has no such limitation as it provides RoundCube as part of each standard setup already.

    S all you have to do is to install ISPConfig as described in the official guides

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