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    Hello, I have Roundcube installed it would appear but I don't think I finished the installation somehow. There is no roundcube conf file in /etc/apache2/sites-available.

    There is a roundcube directory in /usr/share/roundcube however.

    1. How do I check how far I have got with installation/configuration and

    2. Where do I access roundcube or check how to access roundcube if it is already set up properly and

    3. What should I do next?

    Thanks ever so much.
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    Redo the Perfect Server Guide (Which one?) you used to install ISPConfig. Check the Rouncube part is done correctly.
    Depends on how you set it up. The Perfect Server Guide I used told me to access it with port 8080 and /webmail. I have also set it so I can use https://mymailserver/webmail/ .
    At least reveal what operating system is used.
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