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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by gtwill040, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. gtwill040

    gtwill040 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I've recently installed Debian Sarge, aswel as some bits and bobs for apache2.
    The linux box is connected to a router aswel as 3 other machines which run xp.
    I set up the router to forward port 80 requests to the linux machine on a static local ip, via means of the routers virtual server.
    I went to to check the ftp and port 80 were open and it says it is.

    When i go to my private ip it works and it displays the VHCS login. When i go to my public ip i get page cannot be displayed.

    My isp allows port 80. When i had my xp box connected straight through the modem (without the router) i was able to access the deafult apache welcome page. But due to all these computers here i needed the router and it dont work.

    Would anyone know why its not working?

    Sorry guys posted in the wrong forum - i dont use ispconfig
  2. Hans

    Hans Moderator Moderator

    With portforwarding your router expects traffic via your public IP-address from the outsite world:the Internet. Not from inside your LAN.

    Visit your website from outside, i think you can visit your site, which means nothing is wrong!

  3. gtwill040

    gtwill040 New Member

    So even though i'm typing my public ip and it dont work, it should work for someone else?

  4. brainz

    brainz Member


    Question what happens when you type into your browser or localhost on the local server ??? and not the ip of the server...

    brainz ;):cool:
  5. gtwill040

    gtwill040 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Ok the local ip for the server works on all comps connected in the network so they can see whats supposed to be seen. same with works on the linux box.

    Got my neighbour to check the public ip and he says he can see the apache. So thats all good.

    IS there no way for me to type in my public ip and see the apache page. With the public ip i get page cannot be displayed and thats why i thought it wasnt working.
  6. domino

    domino New Member

    I think it's a feature with your router that doesn't allow loop back. It's not a problem as that's what the router is suppose to do. An alternative to be able to access your webhost machine within your network (LAN) is to edit your hosts file. If your computers in your network run Windows, you can find the file in /Windows/system32/drivers/etc. You will need to import the file in notepad and add the following example.

    My ISPConig server is installed in a linux box with IP address So it would be:

    The same file will need to exist in all the computers within your LAN.

    Another alternative is do place the webserver in front of the router giving everyone access to it and simply rely on iptables to do the firewall task.
  7. brainz

    brainz Member

    There are a few ways to do that and one of them is to try and access your public ip via a proxy.....

    Also with ispconfig you can purchase a domain and then with the domain account redirect the the domain name to to you public ip then you will see the server using the domain name you purchase usually take 48 hours approx for all the dns servers to update there records.... But this might sound a little complicated... But give this site a read its interesting and very informative actually....

    brainz ;):cool:
  8. gtwill040

    gtwill040 New Member

    Ok so i have a domain name. And the linux machine domain name matches. So if i make nameservers at godaddy, and set my domain to use those. When i type in the domain it should work on these comps?

    Is just that if i make changes i need to know that the public can see what i'm doing.
  9. brainz

    brainz Member

    Usually called the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is used to allow a single computer on the LAN to be exposed to the Internet.

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  10. brainz

    brainz Member

    Well how to make it sound simple.... Here have a look at this link.... This will help you understand it all...


    Thanks Falko hehe

    brainz ;):cool:
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  11. domino

    domino New Member

    Setting the registrar takes at least 6hrs to propagate. Can you PM the mod or a friend on IM and give them your public IP address to test your server outside your network?

    If you are going to demilitarize, why not just install the server in front of the router ;). Anyway, I don't think it has to come to that. I think the local puters and even localhost can't see the domain but the WAN clients will.
  12. gtwill040

    gtwill040 New Member

    OK, thanks. Will do and i'll read that link aswel. Thanks for the help. Will let you know what a mate says and so forth

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