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  1. Hi there

    My last test servers have been directly installed and configured with Rspamd, using the Perfect Server Setup for Debian (10) and the "Replacing Amavisd with Rspamd in ISPConfig 3.1 on Debian and Ubuntu" Howto at Howtoforge. The result is that I have both Rspamd and Postgrey installed and configured for greylisting. I understand from my production servers with amavis installed that ticking on email mailbox option named "Enable greylisting" instructs postgrey to activate greylisting for that user. However, on the test servers I don't understand which program goes into action when activating that option. Does anybody know it? In fact, does it make any sense having both programs do greylisting?

    Thanks in advance

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    That option would only affect postgrey, and performs greylisting unconditionally when mail is sent to an address which has it set; greylisting in rspamd in set in the spamfilter policy and happens at a specified score threshold.

    Probably having both isn't terribly useful, though postgrey + amavis would make more sense, as amavis doesn't do greylisting (it is run in as an after-queue content_filter, and hence can't temp reject the initial smtp session, even if it did support greylisting). I'd support a feature to unconfigure postgrey if using rspamd, and preferably it would also hide the option to use greylisting in mailboxes/aliases/forwards/etc. in the interface. One idea would be to put a "use greylisting" option under the amavis settings in spamfiltert policy, though it would be less flexible (aka simpler) than today; probably there are use cases and possibly strong opinions about either setup.
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  3. Thanks for your reply

    In the case that postgrey is still responsible for personal greylisting, if I uninstalled postgrey and reconfigured services, would I get rid of the "Enable greylisting" option?

  4. Jesse Norell

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    No, it would still show in the UI.
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  5. Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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