RSPAMD not rewriting subject, problems with greylist

Discussion in 'General' started by c3n, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. c3n

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    I installed on Debian 9 rspamd using tutorial and removed amavis. Filtering is mainly OK, but user asked me that lots of emails are droped (not delivered). So we tuned scoring so now 20 points is to drop spam. It is ok not much spam but... i got issues with greylist and rewrite subject. User received two emails on the same server/domain the same time from the same source, the same content... On one box (RSPAMD admin panel) it is scored 7.82 *greylist* and on another box (the same time) it is scored 12.91 (green points) and *rewrite subject* ... and the first email is delivered and second is not delivered on the other box. My question is. How to fix this annoying problem with dropping legit emails by rpsamd. scoring is 20 points and email should be delivered but it is not. Panel shows that it has subject rewrite but it has not. How to fix that? What info You need? Maybe I disable postgrey?

    I got the same setup on several servers mainly 1/3 servers now got RPSAMD and on two servers got that problem. on one server I made huge whitelist domain but this client has lots of new troubles and adding new domain to whitelist is not solution.

    Regards, Maciej

    Latest ISPCONFIG in multiserver. Latest debian 9 updated etc.
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    here rspamd info

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  3. till

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    Click on the plus sign in the lines you marked in the screenshot, then you know why they score like this.
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    If you are installing a new server, why don't you use Debian 10?
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    I dont care about the score it is MX... bayes ... etc. I care about why scoring is not working and emails are not delivered (some emails) and why it is marked as rewrite subject (shouldn't be delivered with SPAM in subject??) and it ist not rewritten nor bounced just disappeared... that is a problem.
    This is old server 2-3 years with old debian. My alternative is to setup it from scratch but I know i will have the same issues on other VPS so that is why I am asking...
  6. c3n

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    this is scoring of the same email sent to 2 users on this server (differrent scoring)... why? why second email is not delivered?

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  7. Jesse Norell

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    The screenshot shows the symbols which added/subtracted score, which explains why they differed. The biggest difference is clearly BAYES_SPAM. See the rspamd faq for dynamic scoring (same rule, different score).

    It probably was, rspamd has a 'rewrite subject' action, so the message processing would have continued further; see your mail.log for further info. On the other hand, the first message was greylisted, so it would not have been delivered.

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