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Discussion in 'General' started by newbie2008, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. newbie2008

    newbie2008 New Member

    Thanks to ISPConfig working team for such amazing package, I have two questions regarding to ISPConfig version 3.x;

    1) I plan to install in the VPS environment such as OpenVZ or Xen, what is the system requirement, for example 256MB RAM is the minimum or please can you specify other requirement should meet with.

    2) I knew that the ISPConfig version 3 can support multiple server, in case A, if I put everything (DNS, POSTFIX, Apache, FTP, MYSQL etc) on one dedicated server while in case B, I separate MYSQL on one VPS and POSTFIX on one VPS, the remaining services on one VPS. There are total 3 VPS servers in case B. Should this partitioning provide better stability in case B instead of case A? Assuming the MIPS of one dedicated server is similar to three VPS I used in this case.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    1) ISPConfig 3 itself does not use any permanent system resources as it is no deamon, system rsources are only used when you access the interface or when a configuration seting is saved. So you will have to plan with the ressources that you need for your other servuces and that depends on the number of email and pageviews you expect.

    2) Partitioning like this does not bring much benefit. If you want to use several vps for security resaons then make one vps for web + db + dns and anothet for postfix.
  3. newbie2008

    newbie2008 New Member

    Hi Till, thanks for your prompt reply but I still have a question:

    For example:
    .....This specific tutorial is based on my 256MB VPS.......
    Spamassassin uses a lot of memory, so for a mail server with just a couple of users
    1 child is plenty.

    Do you know if there is any new services/functions that use in ISPConfig V3.x but not use in V2.x, such new services/functions might need more system memory? If this is not the case, do you mean that once the services/configuration is very similar between ISPConfig V2.x and V3.x, then the system memory requirement should be the same?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The ISPConfig 3 setup is a completele differnt system with a complete different software, so you can not compare it with ispconfig 2. Thats as if you want to compare windows with linux resource usage.
  5. newbie2008

    newbie2008 New Member

    Thanks - Till, I really appreciate the flexibility, functionally and high efficiency of Linux than Windows - That's bring out the expectation of version 3 of ISPConfig.

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