Run Your Own Webradio Station - what about MP3?

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by hgoor, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. hgoor

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    I understand the idea behind the "open source" thought and thats why the tutorial talks about Ogg Vorbis as the file format, but let's be realistic here: 99% of all people use MP3.

    So the tutorial is nice - but to be honest - not that useful. No one wants to convert a few gig of MP3 into Ogg...

    So my question is: what about a how-to that deals with streaming MP3?

    Also: is there ANY program for Linux that even comes close to having features like this one:

    - downsample MP3 on the fly (i.e. your stream = 96k, the file 128k)
    - automatic crossfading
    - equalizer
    - normalizer for volume of MP3's
    - listeners can browse and search your library
    - listeners are able to make requests (that are added to playlist)!

    I use SAM3 Broadcaster right now, but I'd like a equivalent for Linux. So any ideas are welcome...

    (Maybe something that works like iTunes music sharing?)
  2. falko

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    Take a look at the list of source clients on . You can use other clients than Ices2, and I'm sure that some of them support MP3. BTW, SAM is listed there, too. :)
  3. sjau

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    For streaming mp3s off your server without too many special featuers (well, being able to make your playlist online) you can have a look at gnump3d

    Btw, you do not want to convert from any compressed format into another one (e.g. mp3 --> ogg or similar...). This will reduce quality significantly.

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