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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Samo_slo, Jun 30, 2016.

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    I'd like to know if i can run 2 master servers behind the same router. My problem is that i have my mali and websites on the 1st master server and they are running fine but i need to have 1 page on the 2nd server so if it crashes on lunch it does not crash everything.
    The servers are installed following the
    My problem is that when the request for the domain comes it looks only on the 1st server and when it does not find it it shows the 1st website on the 1st server and it does not go looking on the 2nd master server.
    How can i make it to look on both servers? Do i have to add the 2nd servers private IP in the hosts file of the 1st master server like you have on the master-slave server config?
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    This requires a load balancer in front of the two servers which checks if a target server is active and the directs the request to the active note.
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    Thanks for the quick awnser! But they are both active on the same time and have different content and different private IP and host names. Isn't the load balancer for mirror servers so that when 1st goes down it directs to the 2nd?
    Can i run both or do i need a master-slave setup?
    I have 2 public IPs as well but only a FQDN for the 1st master server.
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    You need to have another IP so that can work as it is.
    So if you have IP and domain '' linked to it, you need to forward all incoming connections to the ports 80, 25 and 110 to the server1. You'll need another IP to configure the same for server2 and domain2.

    Or you can setup another server in the local network which will run as load balancer and redirect actual connections to the chosen server based on the queries. You can do that with nginx or HAProxy, take a look here for example.
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