running second hard drive on same pc

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  1. ariban99

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    I read about dual boot however it all talks about shuting down on hard drive os and start the second os on the second hard drive.
    I would like to know if there is a way to run on one PC with 2 hard drives at the very same time? so one hard drive will automatically boot the centos 7 server with ispconfig on it and at the same time the second hard drive will boot up into windows 7.
    then from windows 7 i can open a terminal to enter the centos server.
    but they should run at the same time. my restaurant Point of sale using windows 7 as the server for the front touch screen terminal and i want to use the same PC to boot up a second hard drive to run the website for the restaurant.

    is this possible and if yes how can it be done?

    thank you
  2. vcha

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    You can. with virtualization. If Windows 7 is your main workstation, I'd use that as the host and centos as the guest. With a computer that has enough resources you could run multiple.But it could go either way.
    You could use just one hard drive. But using two is a good idea as it's a little more efficient.
    If you're not familiar with virtual machines try Virtual Box first, as it's the most user friendly, IMHO.
  3. ariban99

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    thank you. my primary hard drive is the web server running ispconfig (centos).
    does anyone have a tutorial i can follow to install virtualization on an existing ispconfig hard drive that will use a secondary hard drive in the same pc?
    thank you
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  4. vcha

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    It would be best to learn the basics on another computer so not to mess up your configured server. There is a learning curve.

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