running smtp on a port other than 25 and the MX record

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizard of Wiring, Mar 19, 2008.

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    This isn't really a MyDNSConfig issue since I have been using ISPConfig for some time and recently I have decided to experiment with the email component. I am running a debian server and my isp does block port 25. The original install was done according to the perfect debian eth howto.

    In the ISPConfig howto's and Postfix howto's the test seems to be telnet localhost 2525 do an EHLO. I do see the same thing that I do when I telnet to port 25 so I am assuming I changed the smtp port correctly in

    I have the UebiMiau web mail installed on ISPConfig and I am able to successfully log into a web mail account and send email to my gmail account.

    I am not receiving the replies from gmail.

    To forward www to a non standard port I have a cloaked www web forward pointing to an A record with a port number. ie forward to

    I set up my MX records the same way but it does not seem to be working. I was reading up on DNS records and I noticed there is a SRV record type that accepts a service type and a port number but in most of the examples I have read i only see services like www or ftp not MX.

    How I can use a non standard port for SMTP?

    Must the MX record point to "myhostname = " in

    Not really important but... did I miss something, I did not see an ISPConfig forum in the HowtoForge thread index. Is that forum somewhere else?

    P.S. I have posed a question or two in the past on howto forge and falko, if you end up responding again, well.... double thanks in advance :)
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    You can not use a non standard port for incoming smtp, as no external mailserver knows the port.

    The only solution might be if you have a second server that is reachable via port 25 in the internet which accepts incoming mail for your server and forwards it to your server on the custom port.

    There are 3 forums about ISPConfig here. I moved your post to the ISPConfig forum.
  3. Wizard of Wiring

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    Double thanks Till.

    Ok, I am really feeling like an idiot about that the IPSConfig Forum. Do not know how I missed that section title.

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