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    Hi Guys

    Thank you for your help last week, the server migration is complete and all clients and their sites are back up and running.

    I am trying to install SabreDAV so that I can share calendars and contacts. I am comfortable with installing everything except the following;

    Start by making sure you have created the required subdomains for your SabreDAV Framework:
    dav-r.mydomain.tld (alias points to dav.mydomain.tld)
    dav-rw.mydomain.tld (alias points to dav.mydomain.tld)

    ‘dav-r ‘ and ‘dav-rw ‘ are used for calendar and address books sharing functionality. These can be subdomains or aliases of dav.domain.tld. They all need to point to the root of your SabreDAV framework folder.

    I am trying to use Roudcube mail, with plugins. I am on Debian Wheezy also, using Apache.

    I could do this under each domain that I have, and create a separate database and file location for each domain, but I would prefer to not do that, unless you think its necessary.

    If I were to not have separate domains, do I need to put make a .conf file for apache2 and then allow it inside ispconfig.conf file where the location will be at.

    I cannot seem to find any examples for this file, and am a little lost.

    It is also recommended that I move away from the default location, which is /var/www/roudcube/plugins

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Kind Regards


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