Samba Acting as A PDC program install prob

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  1. tommo

    tommo New Member

    I have followed the how to on this website and set up my ubuntu server as a pdc perfectly.. i was well impressed

    but i have a little problem

    I cant install programs or change the system time on the windows XP machine even when i log in as root or administrator

    Can any of you help me
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This is a normal security restriction in windows. Users that are part of a Domain controller can not do this anymore. To install software, login to your XP workstation as administrator and select to authenticate locally and not agains the domain controller. Install the software, logout and then login again with your domaincontroller user and select to authenticate against the domain controller.
  3. tommo

    tommo New Member

    thanks alot

    Yeah that would work

    But im use to windows based networks

    There you can give the network administrator the provalage of installing programs in group policy

    so here is another question

    is group policy possible in a linux envorment

    i have reaserched on the web and so far it seems imposiible



    Slowly but shorley converting to linux

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