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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by jesterking, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. jesterking

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    I used the HOWTO for the Ubuntu Samba PDC and I think its great!

    I am able to manage my user’s logon and off... just one question:
    I would like to change the network logon share drive (H:) from the local samba to a network samba share... meaning, I have a separate samba server that I would like to mount for the users to use a their H: . I am able to mount the samba mount and view the contents, just when the users’ logon they can not see it. Instead its the same samba mount that was entailed in the howto. Can someone please point me in the right direction with this howto in mind! Just a little editing of this howto is in order im sure, but Im not Linux savvy enough to do this on my own. Thanks!

  2. jesterking

    jesterking New Member

    what if I repartition the PDC and instead of making a /home partition I leave that part out. Then I mount the new network Samba server on /home ? Does anyone think that may work?
  3. jesterking

    jesterking New Member

    Disregaurd these postings... I figured it out.

    Made a backup copy of all directories and files in /home
    Modifyed the Fstab:
    //NETSAMBA/home /home smbfs

    Replaced the backup copies to /home

    Now these directories and files show up on the network share. The Fstab allows the netshare to be mounted on bootup and acts as another drive... I know you people may have known this already, but im alittle new to linux and am learning.

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