Samba4 Architecture for multi site and one domain

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Open Expertise, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Open Expertise

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    I am planning to deploy Samba4 for multi site and one domain.
    We have up to 6 sites, including our main office. Our goal is to create file server sharing, and to be able to logon user on different site. GPO will also be enable for our domain.
    All our sites belong to the same network, and they all need to belong to only one domain. Sites are connected by secure wifi.
    Each site can have they own files server. They can also have they own domain member controller. We most be able to provide service continuty with replication from our main site where the principal domain controllers should be installed.
    I am writing this post to gain advices from people who have already experience for this type of installation. I am also interest to different advices on how to proceed for this new challenge, or what did you thing most the best to do. Differents links for learning also will also be welcome.
    Thank you for your advice and questions.
  2. Anton Globa

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    Have you used this configuration in production?

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