Second ISP Connection and DNS, mirroring

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    Running Debian 6, with latest patch of ISPConfig3

    am currently running a two server mirror on the same private network.

    I am going to be adding a second connection to the internet via another provider.

    I will have a public IP for each of the two ISP connections.

    Each ISP will be on it's own Internal Network.

    I am wanting to have what essentially will be a hot standby web,DNS and Mail server on the second connection. I am wanting to start hosting my own DNS as I am told that I need two different servers on their own Public IPs

    Would I be better to build a third box and have it mirror the primary?

    Or is it feasible or possible to move my second box into a standby role on the alternate network.

    I do like the idea of having my current second box as a hot standby on the primary ISP network.

    If I were to get the box built to a point where you could shell in, could you complete the mirroring and ISP config setup? and how much would it cost? Which install guide to use?

    Thank you


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