Secondary Mail Server Use Mirroring ?

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by nvidian, May 25, 2015.

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    Hi, I want to setup secondary mail server. Can I just install new server and use mirroring to my mail server ? I already use this method for my secondary DNS server but I'm not sure if it wiork with mail server.

    If the above method cannot be implemented for mail server, what should I do to have a sync secondary mx server ?

    Thank you
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    You don´t need dovecot for a 2nd mx. But with the dovecot-replication you can setup two mx with the same priority.
    The easiest way is to install server2 as a mirror, dovecot 2.2.x on both servers, start the dovecot-replication. You can use the 2nd server as a mx at any time but you should wait with imap/pop3-logins until the sync is done.
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    Hi, thanks to all your help. Now I may postpone to setup secondary mail server because I plan to move away from current provider (they block port 25).
    If I want to setup a new mail server and transfer old mail server data (clone). How do I do that ?

    Are these the correct steps:
    1. Use mirroring
    2. Dovecot replication

    Considering its an emergency, could you please guide me in more detail ?

    Thank you
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