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    I have Setup a panel for an organization as per
    their requirement is to send their newsletter twice a week to 700 recipients and may be more emails for special occasions,
    1- Is there any special setup I need to do for this server to avoid being black listed?
    2- What are the recommendations to have their mail delivered to the inbox and junk box when it gets received?
    3- Does SSL (mail.domain.tld) makes any difference? if yes, is there a specific SSL kind such EV or it does not matter?
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    1) You get blacklisted when users don't want to receive the emails that you send or when they think these emails are spam. So the first thing that you should ensure is that you send emails only to users that really subscribed to your newsletter, e.g. by double opt-in. Then you should have a proper spf and dkim setup and use a newsletter sending application that sets correct bulk email headers and not a normal mail client like outlook or so.

    Another option can be to send the emails trough a relay server, as you don't send so many emails, a free account at sendgrid might work for you:

    2) Not sure what you mean with that. You mean that the email don't gets into spam folder at the recipient? Use dkim and keep your receiver list clean and don't send too fast with your newsletter app. and / or try to relay trough a provider like the one I mentioned above.

    3) Not as far as I know.
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