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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by danielvm, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. danielvm

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    Hi everyone, i have installed a mail server using postfix, courier-imap, ldap, amavisd-new, spamassassin, clamav, everithing was ok, but now i'm trying to secure the client conection using sasl and tls but i have a problem and i hope find good answer or clues here.

    * I can send email using ssl on port 465 in outlook express and thunderbird, but the mails doesn't get to my mailbox, if i run mailq the mail is in the queue i don't know why. Furthermore i can send the email with or without requiring user autenthicated and with or without use ssl and i would like to enforce the use of bot SMT-AUTH and TLS.

    Here is postconf -n

    Here is my

    Please i need help :confused:

    the system is debian etch


    PD: sorry about my english but i speak spanish
  2. danielvm

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    some other usefull information (sorry if it's too long)

    Here is the output of netstat -tap

    Here is my mail.log (show the same errors frecuently)

    HELP PLEASE :confused:

    the system is debian etch
  3. falko

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    What's the output of
    postconf -d | grep smtp_sasl_password_maps
    postconf -n | grep smtp_sasl_password_maps
  4. danielvm

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    Thanks falko, i aparently solved the problem, i comment this line in mi

    i was trying so many thing that i found and i think this parameter was causing some problems. i'm posting my config files so others can uses them to help themselves
    postconf -n
    and if anyone is interested, i follow this tutorial with some additions and modifications from other howtos from howtoforges, specifically from falko

  5. danielvm

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    Another problem (squirrel)

    Hi everyone, i'm having problems now with squirrel, this problms are a direct consequence of the configuration posted here, for that reason i'm not opening a new thread.

    THe problem is this squirell doens't support STARTTLS, and when i try to log into the webmail i get some errors. Now i have found a solution that i'm not tryed yet in the squirrelmail's page but they think it's to much overhead, the solution is use a ssh tunnel for imad there is another solution, create a second smtp witouth tls, for this i have to edit the, i would like to know what recomendations can you (anyone) give me.

    If you recomend the second smtp please give some clues because i'm not sure what parameters to use

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