sending email (connect, login) = slow

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by TheRudy, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. TheRudy

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    Search didn't find anything about it. I actually missed this cause i don't wait for emails to be sent but each time you sent email, it takes about 15 seconds or so to connect to server. Receiving email is fast, all within second. Everything works normally except for sending email being slow. And by sending email i don't mean sending actuall email aka uploading to server but connection to server (connect -> login stuff). Same thing i had with FTP which was solved. It tooks ages to complete one command.

    Oh and btw, using TLS or not, same thing.
  2. platd

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    dns resolving issues on your lan at a guess :)
  3. TheRudy

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    heh yeah, i'm missing something..
  4. TheRudy

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    /etc/resolv.conf had an IP entry of router used as switch as first nameserver which i removed.. Now it works just fine..
  5. platd

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    Excellent :)
  6. edge

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    Speaking about resolv.conf.

    I have the following in it:
    search my-domain.tld
    nameserver IP_of_dns1_from_my_isp
    nameserver IP_of_dns2_from_my_isp
    I'm sure the IP's dns1 and dns2_from_my_isp are correct.
    What I'm not sure about is the search my-domain.tld!

    Should this be in it?
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  7. TheRudy

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    I had it like this:

    nameserver switch IP
    nameserver 1
    nameserver 2
    changed to:

    search server
    #nameserver switch IP
    nameserver 1
    nameserver 2
    But if it works, why brake it? :)
  8. falko

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