Seperate Web and Email Server Question.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jtheed, Apr 12, 2012.

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    To make it easier to obtain PCI Compliance, I need to separate our Web Site/ECommerce Site from the email and certain database driven programs. Can I do this by just setting up 2 separate servers each with it's own ISPCONFIG3 or would it be better to do a Master Server with only 1 ISPCONFIG3 containing the web site setup on it and a 2nd server with the email and other services?
    Will emails leave the web site server and go to the mail server for our own domain? Will it require the web server to have it's own DNS with records pointing to the email server?
    The Web Site will need the ability to send emails generated from forms like Contact Forms and Order Forms to people in our domain.
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    Hi jtheed

    I would recommend you setting up a master server (web/db etc.) and a slave server for mail, like here:

    Sending emails will be possible from the web server as mostly the php mail function is used and if not, the script will likely let you config a smtp server.

    I don't get the DNS question? Of course you need A records for both servers and the MX for the domain should point to the mail server.
    Or what do you mean? :)


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