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    Ok I know that this topic has been covered and falko has posted links to guides... but they dont do what I want... What I plan to do is use Ghost 2003 to do a full system image to dvd's and then do a nightly backup of data to cd rw/r.

    1) Is there a better solution to doing a full system image so that I can burn the image to dvd and then be able to restore from those images. The guides talk about backing up to remote servers which I dont have.

    2) Can you back user folders ect... to CD RW's and then reuse them

    3) Can someone list all the folders that I would need to back up so that all I would need to do incase of a disaster is use the large DVD system image of the system and then use the latest CDRW/CDR and restore back the customer files and relevent configuration files.

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    I avoid Ghost like the plague, given its license and other factors. So with that said, the "backup the full OS" factor doesn't apply.

    But in this thread I outlined one backup strategy to grab the essential ISPConfig information and user (i.e. /home/www) data. That could easily be adapted to burn to CD-RW to fulfill that part of your backup plan.
    Vaporizer Guide
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