server boots into emergency mode after extending xfs centos 7 kvm

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    I have a host server running centos 7 and KVM for virtualization.
    i created a guest also running centos 7, and it works perfectly.
    however because my host server does not have a lot of space left on the drive, i added a second drive, on the host machine i typed
    virsh attach-disk centos7.0 /dev/sdb1 vdb and now on my guest server, i can see the second new drive.
    now to add this new drive to the / mount for /dev/centos/root i did the following:
    pvcreate /dev/vdb
    vgextend centos /dev/vdb (my lvm is called centos)
    lvextend -L+250G /dev/centos/root
    yum install xfsprogs.x86_64 --assumeyes
    xfs_growfs /dev/centos/root (I have to use this xfs, as centos 7 uses xfs and not ext3 or 4)

    everything worked great, i had 250 extra gb of space for my / mount
    i rebooted the guest server and it still worked great!

    however as soon as i rebooted the host server and tried to boot into the guest server, the server boots into emergency mode with the following error:
    buffer i/o error on device dm-2 logical block 73145654

    any help would greatly be appreciated!

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