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    Hello everyone

    Two days ago, my server crashed, at first I beleived it was a Hardware problem, I recover data from ISPConfig and mounted on my backup server, at the moment I move the data, the backup server crash too, I thougt... corrupted databases... and do a fresh install of the system (Fedora 7 Perfect Setup) and everything was fine until I installed ISPConfig 2.2.32 (I had a copy of the program archived) at this point the server crashed again.

    New installation at other machine with ISPConfig downloaded from the download site (versions 2.2.32 and 2.2.37) and the same thing happen.

    I noticed that the time change after installation of ISPConfig (change the time zone) and the CPU start to overheating (Temp alarm starts).

    Need urgent help!


    Solved: Does anybody know the odds for the same hardware problem in 2 different servers??? Murphy's law, thank you anyway for all the hard work you do for us newbies
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