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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by toffie, Dec 26, 2014.

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm having some troubles with connections to my server, after I access it -once- from an electronic module.

    This module is part of the new "wow" in the electronic hobbyist world, it is an awesome little WiFi module that can either work alone or together with a microprocessor such as AVR, PIC or Arduino.

    You've probably heard something about some of them.

    Anyhow, when I access 1 page, no matter if it has content in it, simple content or real php script and database access. No matter what's inside, it locks up the whole server.

    It's like it puts a ban on my IP address, but checking IPtables through direct console doesn't show that I should be locked out, I can't find anything in the logs and well.. I cant find anything that could explain this.

    The reason I think its a ban is that first time of the day I try to access my server through this thingimabob, I get locked out for say 20-30 seconds, next time 1-2 minutes, third time 5 minutes, fourth time even longer, say 10 minutes..

    The acting of the lockout seems similar to a; hold on, stop what you're doing.. you're out for a little moment! next hit; HEY, stop that moron.. and you're out a little longer.. third hit; STOP IT A-HOLE.. you're out for 5 min.. and so on.. I think you get it ;)

    But, I'm not the best in servermanagement so I'm wondering if you could help me out with which logs to check, what software to check and so on and so fourth.. I really have no clue what to do.. The page I'm accessing through my thingiemabob works without any problems through a webbrowser, so there's no endless loops or anything..

    Server memory doesn't seem to be really affected, I have around 400mb out of 1gb of memory free. "top" doesn't seem to show any software that is working its a* off and cpu seems to be working around 3-9% all the time, no matter what.

    Running Debian Wheezy installed after going through an Perfect Server guide here with ISPConfig 3.

    So please tell me, can you help me out somehow? Let me know what you want me to lookup! Thanks guys!
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    For some reason, I thought I would try and telnet into port 80 on my server.. that hangs it!

    Is this the reason!? That if I get a faulty request on port 80, the server blocks my connection?

    HOW DO I FIX IT!? Or at least allow it for a couple of IP addresses? Please help me figure this out, I'm getting nuts!

    Thanks guys!
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    [Disclaimer: novice]

    If you are accessing the server via wireless are you sure it's not your router that is closing the port? Perhaps it is sniffing packets?

    Just a thought...

    What does netstat -anl show?

    Install nmap --> apt-get install nmap

    Then run --> nmap -sS

    It will show your open ports. It is possible you are only listening on 8080 (the port used for ISPConfig3)

    Did you restart fail2ban? --> /etc/init.d/fail2ban restart

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