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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nhybgtvfr, Nov 10, 2015.

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    i'm wondering what the best server recovery option is in case of a full blown server failure in a multi-server environment.

    more specifically, when the DB and data are all stored on centrally.

    eg 10 webservers, web01 - web10, with all websites on shared storage mounted at /var/www.
    each servers database (ispconfig_web01 - ispconfig_web10) is on a central database server, along with the control panel database (ispconfig_cp01), (the publically accessible ispconfig control panel interface runs on it's own server)

    now, assume web-03 suffers a fatal hardware problem, and is replaced by a new server.

    i can re-install all the required software ok, but what about ispconfig itself? that won't install because the database would already exist and contain data. if the database was dropped, it would install again fine, but wouldn't it get a new server id? which would mean having to re-configure all the server config settings again.

    what would be the best/recommended method of restoring a server in this scenario?

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    Make a backup of the server, you can use any Linux backup software for that, and restore that backup in case of a failure.
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    Ispconfig it self is actually not that hard recover.
    I have tried to move a DNS only server, from OpenVZ to KVM in proxmox by install new clean same distro, install all needed packages, then copy DB and all ispconfig files. Then I ran ispconfig update script, and ispconfig was back in action.

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