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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Critical, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Critical

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  2. till

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    Have alook in the database table with e.g PHPMyAdmin. Is there arecord in the tbale isp_server?
  3. Critical

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    The table exists, and I can see the information I saved perviously, here's what's in it:

    doc_id doctype_id server_host server_domain server_ip server_netzmaske server_sprache server_db_type server_db_user server_db_passwort server_path_httpd_conf server_path_httpd_root server_httpd_user server_httpd_group server_path_frontpage server_path_httpd_error server_name server_mta server_sendmail_virtuser_datei server_sendmail_cw server_ftp_typ server_proftpd_conf_datei server_proftpd_log server_bind_user server_bind_group server_bind_named_conf server_bind_zonefile_dir userid_von groupid_von passwd_datei group_datei server_ipliste shadow_datei server_bind_ns1_default server_bind_ns2_default server_path_httpd_log server_soap_ip server_soap_port server_soap_encoding server_admin_email server_bind_standard_mx server_bind_adminmail_default server_mail_log_save server_ftp_log_save server_httpd_suexec dist dist_init_scripts dist_runlevel dist_smrsh dist_shells dist_bind_init_script dist_bind_pidfile dist_bind_hintfile dist_bind_localfile dist_cron_daemon dist_cron_tab dist_mysql_group dist_httpd_daemon dist_pop3 dist_pop3_version dist_ftp_version dist_httpd_conf dist_mail_log use_maildir virusadmin spamfilter_enable server_enable_frontpage client_salutatory_email_sender_email client_salutatory_email_sender_name client_salutatory_email_bcc client_salutatory_email_subject client_salutatory_email_message res_salutatory_email_sender_email res_salutatory_email_sender_name res_salutatory_email_bcc res_salutatory_email_subject res_salutatory_email_message standard_index user_standard_index traffic_suspension_sender_email traffic_suspension_sender_name traffic_suspension_email_bcc traffic_suspension_email_subject traffic_suspension_email_message traffic_notification_sender_email traffic_notification_sender_name traffic_notification_email_bcc traffic_notification_email_subject traffic_notification_email_message res_traffic_suspension_sender_email res_traffic_suspension_sender_name res_traffic_suspension_email_bcc res_traffic_suspension_email_subject res_traffic_suspension_email_message res_traffic_notification_sender_email res_traffic_notification_sender_name res_traffic_notification_email_bcc res_traffic_notification_email_subject res_traffic_notification_email_message

    So the information was stored in the table, but I guess ISPConfig doesn't show it when I go back to settings. Aparently it did save to the database, but it doesn't retrieve it (display it) when I go back to the settings page.

    Any ideas?
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    These are only the names of the columns of the table. Can you make sure that there's really something in the table, i.e. that it's not empty?

    You didn't create the ISPConfig database manually, did you?
  5. Critical

    Critical New Member

    Yes I know they are, There is information stored in the table, the information I tried to save origionally...I just didn't post it because it's sort of personal or I don't want it public.

    No I did not create the ISPConfig database manually.
  6. Critical

    Critical New Member

    Actually come to think of it, I did reinstall ISPConfig a number of times, so It probably installed over the database and it was already there... The uninstall script doesn't work so I suppose when I manually deleted the admispconfig in the home directory and what was in the root directory it didn't delete the database. Should I try a reinstallation and make sure the database is deleted first? :(
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes please uninstall and reinstall.


    rm -rf /root/ispconfig
    rm -rf /home/admispconfig

    Then delete the database. It is nescessary that you delete the complete database, not only empty it! The installer will create the database and the tables inside and then fill the server table with the correct values for your setup.

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